Spring Is Here!

Perfect time to cleanse your body from the inside out with BARBARA CLARK, nutritionist and cleanse specialist.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

Excess weight around the middle (belly fat)

Cravings for sugar and refined carbs

Binging on sugar or junk food

Feeling tired and sluggish

Brain fog

Bloating, gas, diarrhea or constipation

Congestion, sinus problems or asthma

Skin problems: acne, eczema, psoriasis

Mood problems like anxiety, depression or insomnia

Low sex drive

One or more of these symptoms could be your body's way of telling you it needs to detox! Be kind to yourself and invest 21 days in my rejuvenation program. You will love the results and will have a different mindset about food, your body and your health. It's easier than you think, that's why I am here, supporting you along the way. Please sign up for a 10 minute complimentary overvew of the program.

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Yin Yoga is Here!    Fridays 6-7:30pm

Yin Yoga works the deeper levels of the connective tissues (ligaments, fascia, joints and bones) and the energetic channels of the meridians, nerve and blood systems through long-held, muscularly-passive and supported postures, using props. Semi-private classes limited to three participants.

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Integrative Wellness Coaching

A coach will mentor you in how to break your goal into manageable steps, track your progress, and identify and overcome personal roadblocks, in a non-judgmental environment. Using both innovative and practical methods, coaching empowers you to clarify your objectives, explore strategies for forward movement, enhance personal accountability and take action. Engaging in this collaborative partnership cultivates a practice of positive choices and sustainable changes for optimal health. Sign up with Laura Lopez today!

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