WOW they ARE Powerful!

Daily Power Packs are powerful, micronutrient vitamins in economical, daily dose-packets. Four powerful supplements (1 Multivitamin, 2 Fish Oils, and 1 Broccoli Power ES) in convenient cellophane packets. Easy to tuck in purses and pockets. One packet each day is all you need!
Daily Power Packs Improves:            
            cardiovascular health
            joint function
            brain function
            nervous system function
            Phase 1 and 2 detoxification
            antioxidant activity in both the systemic and cellular levels
            normal cell-life regulation
            musculoskeletal health
            normal immune function
            good balance
            healthy mood
            normal fetal development
            neuronal growth
            neuro development
            healthy glucose metabolism
            peridontal health
            normal intestinal immune responses
            the reduction of inflammation

            Now that’s Powerful!!

Guaranteed product quality, potency, purity, stability and absorbability. Price is $72 (includes tax) for a 60-day, two month supply.

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