Egypt by Invitation

Egypt by Invitation

The journey through Egypt with our partner, Global Citizens World Tours was EPIC.

We danced on the rooftops of Cairo and the banks of the Nile, watched the sunrise at the Sphinx, rode camels, Indiana Jones'd our way into extraordinary sanctuaries, temples and tombs, shopped in the bazaars and spice markets, cruised down the Nile enjoying afternoon tea, delicious dinners, and star sparkled nights, visited local villages and slept in luxury sheets in the finest hotels in Aswan and Cairo.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip because your guides, Halla and Rowan who both lived in the area, helped you understand that with their guidance you don’t visit Egypt you live it; experiencing the rich spirit of the history and the local people.

This trip opens my heart. This trip was life changing. My soul is awakened to new depths. This trip was a challenge for me on many levels and I'm allowing the unfolding to continue in ways I never imagined could come true. How lovely to simply be transported to something so new. So many awe inspiring moments. How do we describe it to anyone outside? I don't think we can. It was a blessing and an honor to be on this trip.

Egypt Unveiled by Global Citizens World Tours

This journey is a pilgrimage and an adventure into the ancient land of Egypt. We will walk through magnificent ancient Temples dating back thousands of years from the time of the Pharaohs. We will meander through the labyrinthian markets of old Cairo, one of the oldest cities in the world. We will sail the longest river in the world - the Nile on a private cruise and visit Temples along the way. We will experience life in rural Egyptian villages along the Nile. Our trip will culminate with our own private time in the Great Pyramid, one of the last remaining Wonders of the Ancient World, where we will experience the powerful energy within the Inner Sanctuary of this most Sacred of Temples.

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