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9 CORNERS delivers a fabric of healing uncommon in the States. Our practitioners apprentice under the tutelage of the healing Masters, the time-honored way, so you receive clear-minded diagnosis and treatment. From Vital Life programs to afternoon massages ... results are deep, lasting and transforming. Blending ancient wisdom with modern medicine ensures your vitality, performance, and recovery. Stop in for a visit when you are in Marin County. You are always welcome!


Exclusive Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements


Enjoy the fusion of Taoist & Medical wisdom in this pioneering talk!

Inflammation is the underpinning of major disease. And most of us have it!

Learn about the  yin-yang inside you and discover the cause and cure of inflammation.

Find out more! Join Medical Director, Randy Gibson, MA, MS, LAC and Cat Gibson, BS, MA, PhDc, Owner of 9 Corners for this dynamic event!

20% discount on select supplements!

When: June 7, 2016

Where: 9 Corner's Living Room

Time: 6:30-8:00pm

Other: $10 donation for George's orphaned children in Nairobi

RSVP: 415-209-9600  or

Only at 9 Corners!!!