Healthstyle Galleria - glamorous and cozy.

About Nine Corners

It's Luxury Healthstyle like no other place. Walk through the doors at 9 Corners and their acumen unfolds with stylish delight. The Summer Room houses IR saunas ideal for post cryo therapy and acupuncture. In the Cupola you can have a facial or Pagani on comfy loungers. Enjoy
customized consults at the glass dining table, situated in the Grand Hall. Shop the Rotunda Gift Shop for Amish candles, luxury robes, and hand woven African baskets. Relax on the Veranda after a massage and watch the sunset over Big Rock Ridge. - As seen in Marin Magazine

9 Corners is a Luxe Healthstyle Company that delivers services, events, products, travel, and education to enliven the spirit, stimulate the mind, promote vitality and longevity.

No more wasted time and money
Using your bio code means getting credit for all your healthy efforts (diet, exercise, cryo, bodywork, calorie counting, etc).
Nothing Synthetic here
Solutions that work gently
with your true nature.