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About Nine Corners

The name 9 Corners is founded upon the ancient Chinese bagua; ba means 8 and gua describes territories or corners. Achieving balance in 8 corners rewards the 9th corner with whole health. 9 Corners is unique because we go beyond physical symptoms into life's many corners to unvocer and resolve root causes. It is our sincere pleasure to assist you in living more often in the 9th corner - whole health.

9 Corners is a Luxe Healthstyle Company that delivers services, events, products, travel, and education to enliven the spirit, stimulate the mind, promote vitality and longevity.

No more wasted time and money
Using your bio code means getting credit for all your healthy efforts (diet, exercise, cryo, bodywork, calorie counting, etc).
Nothing Synthetic here
Solutions that work gently
with your true nature.